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Lemon Meringue is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the classic Lemon Skunk X Cookies N’ Cream strains. With this bud’s flavor, the name says it all. Lemon Meringue packs a super sweet and sour lemony flavor with hints of creamy nuttiness to it. The aroma follows a slightly different profile, with a rich skunky earthiness to it that can quickly become pungent. The Lemon Meringue high is just as mouthwatering as the flavor, with lifted and energizing effects that are perfect for getting you up and moving when you just can’t seem to get going. You’ll feel an almost immediate influx of focused energy alongside a touch of creativity just a few minutes after your first toke. This is accompanied by a lightly relaxing physical high that helps to keep your body anchored to the world below as your mind lifts higher and higher through bright visions. In combination with its high 18-23% average THC level, these bright effects give Lemon Meringue an edge in treating those suffering from conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, headaches or migraines, and chronic pain.

LA Cake, also known as “Los Angeles Cake,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Gorilla Glue #4 X LA Kush strains. Known for its super potent high and delicious flavor, LA Cake will have you head over heels in no time at all. The high starts with a slam of uplifting effects that rush through your mind with a numbing effect, easing you into a warming and tingly relaxation. As your mind settles, your body will begin to follow suit, dropping you into a sedative state that quickly turns powerfully sleepy, leaving you dozing off in no time at all. With these effects and its super high 19-26% average THC level, LA Cake is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, depression or mood swings, chronic stress, headaches or migraines and chronic fatigue.

Pink Lemonade is a sativa-dominant strain that produces compact and glistening trichome covered buds. Its scent is similar to the sweet and sour drink as notes of grapefruit and lemons take over the senses. On the exhale, Pink Lemonade tastes more like sweet lemon juice. THC levels tend to fluctuate, so check your batch’s percentage before consuming. Effects have been described by many consumers as clear-headed and focused while allowing the mind to become curious and creative. Some have experienced a tingling body effect or body buzz, but most have enjoyed it for its cerebral enhancement. Some consumers have stated they’ve used Pink Lemonade for symptoms such as depression, exhaustion, headache, glaucoma, and stomach pains.

Black Nukem is an indica dominant hybrid combining genetics from Black Ice and Duke Nukem. With it’s sweet smelling buds, Black Nukem delivers a potent yet well balanced effect. While undeniably strong, this strain still leaves you functional enough to enjoy hobbies with the company of your friends. The Black Nukem high is characterized by a long lasting and relaxing buzz that doesn’t leave you sedated and isn’t narcotic in nature. You’ll be hit with a body buzz that starts in your spine and slowly spreads throughout your body, ridding you of any pain. This is accompanied by a deep introspection that can leave you distant and spacey at times. Because of these potent effects, Black Nukem is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, mild cases of depression, and chronic stress or anxiety.

Pink Starburst is an aptly named Sativa-dominant that is the result of some unknown breeder doing some thoughtful and meticulous breeding. The first step in its creation was crossing DJ Short’s Blueberry with the classic strain, Headband. The result of this heady cross is then bred with Sour Diesel BX3, resulting in the plant we know as Pink Starburst. This strain should be on everyone’s “must try” list, as its flavorful profile is sure to not only impress but is likely to make you fall in love with its effects. This hybrid contains a THC concentration that varies highly based on the harvest and cure, it can range between 20-30% and is best consumed during the morning as a wake-and-bake or throughout the day. This strain’s mood-boosting effects will have you completing task after task with a huge grin on your face, providing consumers with a big boost of positive energy. These effects spread head-to-toe and are sure to get you up and at ‘em in the morning, in addition to carrying you throughout the day. Those suffering from chronic pain, stress, depression, and nausea will find that Pink Starburst provides beneficial effects that help fight these chronic symptoms.

Stardawg is heavily sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the insanely popular Chemdawg 4 X Tres Dog strains. This dank bud boasts a THC level ranging from 19-22% and a potent effects length of up to 3 hours. Stardawg users describe the high as an extremely active and uplifting sativa head buzz with pressure felt behind the eyes and in the neck. You’ll experience a huge burst of energy and urge to be social and talkative, although you may fall into fits of giggles here and there. These potent sativa effects are accompanied by a relaxing mellow indica body buzz. Stardawg is an ideal strain for treating conditions such as chronic stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders.

Bubblegum Gelato, also known as “BG Gelato” or “Bubble Gum Gelato,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Gelato #45 X Indiana Bubblegum strains. Named for its delicious flavor, Bubblegum Gelato brings on a super relaxing and creative high that’s perfect for a lazy weekend day spent at home. This bud has a sweet raspberry and cherry flavor with hints of sugary bubblegum to it, too. The aroma is just as fresh, with a sweet and fruity overtone that’s accented by sugary bubblegum and rich cherries. The Bubblegum Gelato settles in a few minutes after your final toke, filling your mind with an uplifting and expansive euphoria that pushes away any negative or racing thoughts almost immediately. As your mind settles, a sense of creativity will wash over you, lending itself well to any artistic task that you may have at hand. With these relaxing and lifted effects and its high 16-19% average THC level, Bubblegum Gelato is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, insomnia and chronic fatigue.

Blue Dream is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Blueberry X Haze strains. This infamous bud boasts a moderately high THC level that ranges from 17-24% on average and a myriad of both indica and sativa effects. Users describe the Blue Dream high as having an immediate onset of an uplifting cerebral head high that leaves you completely motivated and focused with waves of creative energy that hit quickly and hard. This is accompanied by a mellow relaxing body high that leaves you warmed, numb, and completely pain free. Due to these potent combination effects, Blue Dream is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild to moderate cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia. Blue Dream has a delicious aroma of sweet blueberry pie and a taste of sugary sweet blueberries that stays on your tongue long after smoking.

LSD the hallucinogen is known to induce anxiety-riddled bad trips. Thankfully, LSD the marijuana strain delivers a psychedelic effect without the negative edge. It’s a near-even balance of sativa and indica (55:45 sativa/indica ratio). What sets this strain apart is its astronomically high THC levels, which top out at 24%. There are also high levels of CBD in this strain; CBD is used to treat seizures and other conditions. As its name suggests, LSD spurs a happy, strongly psychedelic experience focused on the head. At the same time, the indica genes provide a calming effect ideal for chronic body aches. LSD leaves quite an impression. Inexperienced users often get stuck in a mental rut, while other users find the strain promotes creativity and social interaction. It has a pungent earthy flavor and smell, with an underlying sweet taste. The high is strongly euphoric and upbeat, ideal for daytime activities as long as the high doesn’t overpower. LSD is great at relieving anxiety and depression, as well as PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and GI distress.

Tank OG is a highly sought-after and very potent sativa that was created by crossbreeding a wide variety of other sativas with the legendary and award-winning mother, White Widow. The resulting combination produces the healthy harvests and shimmering highs of the best WW strains. Tank OG is certainly a connoisseur’s variety, which provides a potent effect that is wonderful to enjoy with a group of friends.


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Wedding Cake



Kush Mints

*Comes as gift when you purchase 8 Beat Pkg ($80)


Thin Mint Cookies

Grapefruit Romulan

Rainbow Sherbet

Do Si Dos

Sundae Driver


OG Kush



1 gram Golden Goose Concentrates –

Strawberry Sunset Badder

Forbidden Fruit Badder

Golden Goose Concentrates – 1g Diamond Sauce


-Forbidden Fruit

Comes as gift when you purchase 9 Beat Pkg ($90)


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Classic Stoney Patch – 350mg pack

Comes as gift when you purchase 4 Beat Pkg ($40)

From Georgetown Kushcake, 200mg Truffles

Choose your flavor – Peanut Butter, Milkshake, or Chocolate Chip

Comes as gift when you purchase 3.5 Beat Pkg ($35)

100mg Pack of Pot Leaf Gummies (pack of 4, each leaf contains 25mg THC and 25mg CBD)

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

100mg pack of Gummy Bears (pack of 4, each Bear is  25mg)

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

100mg Lollipops

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100mg THC/50mg CBD Belgian Chocolates

*Come as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

100mg Rice Crispie Treat

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

10pmg Double Chocolate Brownie

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