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If this happy strain evokes images of childhood board games, it’s no accident. It’s mostly sativa, a crossbreed of Granddaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies. Those genes make for an upbeat, stimulating high that spurs creativity and provides energy for daytime tasks. Euphoria is the prominent effect when smoking Candyland, with a strong mood boost and some relaxation. The exact sativa-to-indica ratio of this strain is unclear, but it contains as much as 29% THC, making it a fairly powerful choice. CBD levels are lower but could still be useful in treating seizures and other conditions. Candyland as a strong sweet flavor and smell, with an earthy, spicy undertone. Its appearance is compact and camouflage-colored, with flecks of gold and shimmering trichomes. It’s an ideal strain for treating anxiety and depression, along with bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and ADHD.

Animal Mints is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG strains. Looking for an insanely delicious toke that will hit both mind and body with a high level of potency? Animal Mints is totally it. This baby packs a super sweet minty cookie flavor into each and every toke, with a lightly nutty vanilla exhale. The aroma is of earthy pine with a hint of sharp mint and pungent diesel, all wrapped up with a notable cookie effect as the nugs are burned. The Animal Mints high is just as delightful as the flavor, with long-lasting effects that are perfect for kicking back after a long and stressful day. You’ll feel a cerebral effect first, filling your mind with a sleepy lifted sense that leaves you totally stoned and fading in and out of focus. A full heavy body high comes next, lulling you into a state of couch lock before you drift away into peaceful sedation. With these effects and its super potent 25-32% average THC level, Animal Mints is said to be perfect for treating chronic pain, insomnia, depression, chronic stress, cramps and muscle spasms.

Rainbow Crush is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Orange Crush X Rainbow Kush strains. If you’re looking for a gorgeous bud that will leave you breathless, you’ve found it. Rainbow Crush has super fluffy popcorn-shaped neon green nugs that are adorned with rich amber undertones and spattered with a collection of thick red and orange hairs. A coating of bright white crystal trichomes completes the look, for a colorful and sparkling appearance. As you break apart each dense little nugget, aromas of sweet and sour citrus are released, turning to skunky pungent earth and herbs as the nugs are burned. The flavor is very sweet with a rich earthy overtone that’s accented by sour spicy citrus upon exhale. The Rainbow Crush high is just as addictive as the flavor, with long-lasting effects that are best suited for a lazy afternoon when you don’t have much of anything to do. You’ll feel totally lifted and euphoric throughout the duration of the high, with a sense of laziness that permeates through and through. Thanks to these effects and its high 19-25% average THC level, Rainbow Crush is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as nausea, IBD, depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, and chronic fatigue.

Key Lime Pie is just as tasty as it sounds! This indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain is a phenotype of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain and boasts THC levels of 19-22%. Smoking Key Lime Pie will give you an intense onset of feeling stoned followed by a mellow, lucid high with cerebral clarity. You’ll be couch-locked and slightly drowsy but have an insane sense of creativity and focus. Because of these effects, Key Lime Pie is ideal for treating manic depression, insomnia, and stress disorders, including PTSD. With a minty, candy-like taste with a smoky lime aftertaste and a chocolate cream scent, Key Lime Pie may seem to be ideal for novice users. Don’t be fooled – it tends to overwhelm newer patients due to the deceptively sweet taste and high THC levels. As long as it’s taken in small doses, users of all experience levels should be fine. Key Lime Pie has a dense green furry body with traces of purple and a resinous base – it looks as good as it tastes!

Gushers is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Gelato #41 X Triangle Kush strains. Named for the delicious candy, Gushers brings on the flavors with a combination of sour tropical fruits and rich creamy cookies in each and every toke. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a slightly herbal overtone and touches of spicy grape. The Gushers high isn’t quite as bright as the flavor, with super relaxing effects that are best suited for lazy nights spent at home with friends catching up on Netflix. The high starts with an influx of tingly euphoria that fills the back of the head with lightly arousing tingles. This quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body, leaving you pretty aroused and incredibly relaxed through and through. You won’t be sleepy in this state, but rather totally at ease with anything and everything happening around you. With these effects and its high 20-24% average THC level, Gushers is said to be perfect for treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Grapefruit is a longtime marijuana classic, a heady blend of the hybrid Cinderella 99 and a sativa bred specifically for its grapefruit flavor. With a sativa/indica ratio of 70:30, this strain packs a decidedly cerebral punch, with a major mood boost and intense euphoria. THC levels have been charted at 20%, so this is a pretty powerful strain. CBD levels, meanwhile, are very low, ruling this out as an effective treatment for epilepsy. But it’s highly effective at relieving anxiety and depression, as well as pain, GI distress, and PMS. The sweet taste and smell of grapefruit are dominant, thought there are also hints of other citrus fruits. This strain is highly appealing to smokers looking for a strong head high, less so to patients seeking physical effects.

Peanut Butter Breath is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Dosidos X Mendobreath F2 strains. With this bud, the name says it all – the flavor is nutty and earthy with a rich herbal overtone. The aroma follows the same profile, with an earthy herbal overtone that’s accented by rich nuttiness. As soon as you exhale, the effects of Peanut Butter Breath will sink in, starting with a cerebral lift before spreading throughout the rest of your body in tingly waves of energy. These tingles start in the back of your neck and spine before spreading their buzzing tendrils throughout the entirety of your body, leaving you hopelessly relaxed, kicking back without a care in the world – that is, until the munchies hit. Be sure to have some snacks on hand, since you won’t really be able to get up off the couch to hunt for any at this point. With these long-lasting effects and its high 18-28% average THC level, Peanut Butter Breath is often chosen to treat conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, depression, chronic stress, or chronic pain.

A sativa-leaning hybrid from the Cookies Fam, Guava is a Gelato phenotype. Noted for its fruity and gassy aroma and flavor, this strain is great for anyone with a sweet tooth. Guava was selected and celebrated as a good strain to start the day with, so next time you have a busy Saturday, grab this strain to make it through.

Wedding Cake is a cross between sour hybrid Cherry Pie and the universally appealing Girl Scout Cookies. And although its flavor may vary depending on the phenotype, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like any traditional nuptial dessert most have ever tasted — instead, its profile is mostly sour and tangy with just a hint of creaminess. Increasingly popular for its well-rounded effects, Wedding Cake has both recreational and medical applications. This strain’s high starts relatively quickly, taking hold primarily in the head. Once you’ve “settled into the high” Wedding Cake’s indica side kicks in. Smokers might feel increased warmth and a pleasant heaviness that spreads through the spine and limbs. As the high progresses, so does this strain’s body high — after a few bowls, smokers may find themselves couchlocked. It can work as a calming agent and appetite stimulator, and is quite helpful for patients who experience regular depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, MS and other such related symptoms. It may act as a sedative for patients, but does help in calming down nerves or controlling anxiety stimulating symptoms.

Purple Punch is a rare indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG with the deliciously potent Grand Daddy Purps. With a one-two punch to the head of euphoric lifted effects and a super high 18-20% average THC level, you’ll feel the knockout high of Purple Punch almost immediately. You’ll feel a slam of euphoria followed by a heady lift that launches you into a state of pure happiness. As your mind creeps higher and higher, your body will begin to drift away into a relaxing state that is very sedative and heady, often leading to a long and peaceful sleep. In combination with its high THC level, these effects make Purple Punch perfect for killing the effects of insomnia, chronic stress, nausea, chronic pain, and depression. This bud has fluffy oversized bright neon green nugs with sparse red orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny amber crystal trichomes. As you break apart each little nugget, aromas of earthy blueberries and grapes are released accented by a sweet herbal overtone. The flavor is very sweet with a vanilla blueberry taste that has a touch of slightly sour grape candy.


5 Beat Pkg


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1g Shatter

  • Biscotti

Comes as gift when you purchase 5 Beat Pkg ($50)

Comes as gift when you purchase 8 Beat Pkg ($80)

  • Watermelon OG (i)
  • Sunset Sherbet (i)
  • SFV OG (i)
  • Strawberry Dream (s)
  • Durban Poison (s)
  • Gelato (h)
  • GG4 (h)
  • Wedding Cake (h)

CannaClear 1g Live Resin Cartridges

Comes as gift when you purchase 9 Beat Pkg ($90)

  • Tangie
  • GMO
  • GMO x GG4
  •  Jilly Bean

Golden Goose Live Resin Badder (1g)

  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Strawberry Sunset

G14 Live Resin (1g)

  • Zookies
  • Forbidden Gushers

Comes as gift when you purchase 7 Beat Pkg ($70)

Golden Goose Concentrates – 1g Diamond Sauce

  • Forbidden Fruit

Comes as gift when you purchase 9 Beat Pkg ($90)


1.5 Beat Pkg


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9 Beat Pkg



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100mg Pack of 1:1 Gummies (pack of 4, each gummy contains 25mg THC & 25mg CBD)


100mg Pack of Sativa Gummy Bears (pack of 4, each Bear contains 25mg THC)

*It is recommended to store in refrigerator to maintain freshness*

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

Lollipops 100mg THC & 50mg CBD

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

Each brownie contains 100mg THC & 50mg CBD

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

100mg Rice Crispie Treat

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

500mg pack of Sour Gummy Bears (10 Bears, each one contains 50mg THC & 25mg CBD)

Comes as gift when you purchase 7 Beat Pkg ($70)

100mg Pack of Mini Belgian Chocolates (pack of 10, each piece contains 10mg THC)

Choose from:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

100mg THC/50mg CBD Belgian Chocolates

Choose milk chocolate or dark chocolate

Comes as gift when you purchase 2 Beat Pkg ($20)

PolkaDot Magic Mushroom (4 grams) Chocolate Bars

  • Lucky Charms
  • Crunch
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Dark Chocolate

Comes as gift when you purchase 9 Beat Pkg ($90)